Thomas Kieran

188 Sydenham Street

In the front hallway of 188 Sydenham Street is an enormous mirror, dating back to the 18th Century. The mirror is so big that it probably could never be moved. When Tom Kieran’s son was small, he would tell stories about having a little friend who lived in the mirror.


In the following story, Tom Kieran tells a story about a huge mirror that sits in the front hallway of 188 Sydenham Street.


Most unusual probably part of the house is the mirror inside which originated from what I’ve been told from France. It was over a fireplace in France in the 18th century. So it’s–and it stands almost 15 to 18 feet tall. And it sort of takes up the whole hallway. There’s no way–if I ever left this house, the mirror would have to stay in this house, there’s no way you’d move that mirror. Plus of the age of the mirror or not I don’t think it would take a lot more moving. It’s probably something that’s going to stay with the house. When Callum was younger he used to have a little friend that lived in the mirror. And his name was like it’s not like it was Nigel or something like a real old English name not not a common name here. And Nigel used to go to his mother in the mirror and come out and visit Callum. This lends you like little little eerie things when you’re walking down there. But no like we’ve never had any so-called ghosts or that. Probably the most interesting things have been in the house over the years have been bats.


If you’d like to hear more stories from the Great Talbot area, walk west along Sydenham Street, cross St. George Street, turn south, and then as you walk look for another orange Hear, Here sign.