Reg Quick

South Street


Reg Quick recalls pranks on the riverbank hill behind what used to be Victoria Hospital. This story comes from the London Public Library’s Oral History Heritage project.


And the same way with Hallowe’en. Wooden sidewalks, y’see, was another thing. So Hallowe’en, a bunch of kids would upend the sidewalks in front of the places they’d be so long, y’see? There’d be a break in ‘em. It was vandalism, to a certain extent, but it wasn’t nothing compared to what they do today, y’know? We wouldn’t break windows or anything like that, y’know? I remember the gates at the hospital one time, at the back, a bunch of us the gates were swingin’ open. Well, we just threw ‘em over the hill, y’know. They got them the next day, they never went into the river.