Olivea Beadle

Corner of Angel Street and Richmond Street


Warning: This story deals with material that some listeners may find triggering and upsetting, including discussions of sexual abuse.

My name is Olivea Beadle, and I’m a survivor of human trafficking, and I’m also a survivor of child abuse – sexual abuse. So, I shared my story here at Angel Street on November 2, 2020. My story is unique for the fact that not usually when sex traffickers leave the sex trade are they open enough to talk about the abuse they endured when they’re being sex trafficked. I noticed that no one really talks about that, and that was the hardest thing throughout my process of leaving the sex trade, is I didn’t have a safe place for me to tell my story, and there’s lots of judgment when it comes to, you know, the sex trade.

Everyone is suffering, doesn’t matter what kind of money you have in your bank account, we are all suffering in some way, we all have some bill to worry about for tomorrow. People see the pain in you, as much as you are trying to stand up and be inspired, and make sure that you’re doing good in the world. For me, I had to look at it more as like a healing journey and take the pieces of my puzzle and constantly keep putting them back together.

I can say that the way that I view life in myself and in others is what helps me be alive today. And to overcome and build and become a successful person is mind blowing. To still stand up proud, knowing that, you know, you’re suffering with something and you’re still finding the good in life is everything. You have to accept it, and if we don’t accept the pieces of our puzzle that effects our tomorrows or our current today, if you don’t accept it you’re never going to feel good. You’re never going to feel strong, you’re never going to be inspired. And the person that inspires you is yourself. I could listen to someone at a speech, and they’re very inspiring, telling their truth, and I could listen to them. But how I take from someone talking about a very inspirational speech… it’s what I take from it. And then you end up inspiring yourself. So if you listen to others, and you start inspiring yourself – if this person can survive this, I can survive this. And then you start taking that inspiration and building your own inspiration because you are the only person that inspires you. You’re the only person that knows what you’ve been through, the only person who knows what you’re capable of, and your peers and whoever surrounds you are just boosting and uplifting you.