Joe O'Neil

Former London and Port Stanley Car Shop, Near the Corner of Maitland Street and Philip Street


There was, on the Smith Fruit Company on the side where the railroad goes down, somebody painted a totally amazing piece of graffiti, street art. And they painted it over, which is a shame. And it was a really depressing, but really good piece of street art. It was a man who was half human and half machine and somebody was putting a cassette tape in his head and then there was a nuclear bomb going off in the background. And then there was a couple of old, abandoned buildings there and aside from the regular graffiti, there was just some amazing artwork. Some of the best graffiti artwork I’ve seen in London. It’s all been destroyed or painted over, but I got some pictures of it so. That’s what I remember of SoHo is that the people who took the time to do this really amazing street art. I mean, if that street art existed today downtown, we’d probably be putting heritage designation on it.  

Joseph O’Neil. Our family’s lived in this neighbourhood since 1963.