Jean Hough

240 Waterloo Street, corner of Horton Street East and Waterloo Street


I’m Jean Hough and I’m standing at Sansone’s Fruit Company at Horton and Waterloo Street. My father was killed in a plane crash, he was a pilot, in May of 1950. And my mother contracted tuberculosis. They put me in the orphanage, and… the Hough family, on Grey Street, fostered me. I think they had me two or three years and then decided to adopt me. They changed my name to Jean, because their children was Joseph Keith Hough and Judith Karen, and so they wanted the… the mutt to match the same as the other children’s names. It was at Sansone’s over at Horton and Waterloo Street. When you walked into their building, up those rickety steps, you went to the back room and they had a big rotating table. Two or three tiers on it, and it went around and around and the man would pick off bananas and put them in your bag. So if I needed ten pounds, that’s how he filled the bag up and away we would go. They always offered every kid there a banana. The man always offered the children a banana. They were very nice to us… they were very nice. I’m Jean Hough. I lived in SOHO, on Grey Street.