Frazer Davidson

178 St. George Street

The mysterious disappearance of a single pane of leaded glass is discovered in the course of remodeling. Years later, a pane of glass is discovered in the garden; when it is compared with the window, it fits perfectly. Though the glass has been restored to the window, the mystery remains: how and why was it removed, and how did it find its way to the garden?


In the following story, Frazer Davidson tells a story about a long-lost pane of glass from the leaded glass window in the front hallway of 178 St. George Street.


That was a mirror over the window. And I did not know it. I didn’t know the window was behind the mirror. So after we moved in I had decided that I hated them here because it was a very poor condition and we decided to take it off. And we’re going to get it off, somebody had taken, cut the plaster out of this mirror right against the last, so the whole thing had to be rebuilt. A small problem turned into a big one. But at the same time this piece of glass was missing, the little white diamond shape. So we decided well we’d find something for later because it was Spring. We wasn’t worried about cold weather or anything. So later on in the summer we were outside digging to build, plant a tree, or something, or a bush and this popped out of the ground. And I when I saw it, I said of course it was all dirty. And when I saw it I said that looks like the glass that would fit in that the window inside so I brought it in and long behold it fit. So that’s how that got restored. And I often think of it how lucky can one be to find something like that so far away from the original spot.


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