Ernie Seglenieks

312 South Street


My name is Ernie Seglenieks and you’re standing outside of 312 South Street. At the end of that driveway is a long, narrow backyard and my Dad would sacrifice him parking his car inside. He would leave his car out on the very steep driveway, and he would build a decent-sized ice rink back there. And I remember the winter of ‘77-’78, we had amazing London snow. I remember always listening to the radio station and every day it was, “Snow, snow, snow. Let’s get out of school.” Ended up being three straight days cancelled, but the bad news was our ice rink was buried in like three, four feet of super heavy snow.

It was a real daunting task. There was no way of actually scooping or pushing this snow anywhere. You just had to stand in a spot on the edge and start shoveling out a channel to the other side. I remember doing that for like hours and hours. Those piles had to be eight, ten, even twelve feet high because there was just so much snow.