David Bratton

816 Talbot Street

David Bratton and his wife love living in old homes, and when they moved into a former student house, they found that the mouldings needed a little TLC. Their contractor found a carpenter who still had the original cutting tools needed to perfectly replicate the baseboards. The carpenter had bought up cutting tools that had once belonged to funeral homes; in their day the funeral homes had produced moulding and trim (as well as caskets), to keep their people busy.


In the following story the narrator tells a story about the introduction he and his wife had to their home when they first moved into it.


We had one new house in our 51 years of marriage. And we lived there for I think two years, three years maybe. And I distinctly did not like it. So ever since then we’ve lived in an old house you know just that feeling of you’re going back to another era and you find it very comforting to live in an old house and old houses have a lot more charm in my opinion than new houses. In the back of the house we did a complete renovation and it had been student housing for a period of time so students they were pretty hard on the house so when we looked at the moulding, a lot of the moulding really had to be replaced because it was so chewed up.

The contractor was also a finish carpenter. So there is a wonderful story about how he found the tools and had the moldings made. When he found a guy up in I think Ilderton, Lucan or Ilderton anyway who had gone around funeral homes you know closed their doors. This guy bought up all their cutting tools because in Paisley and places like that the funeral director made the caskets and then to keep people busy they made moldings for houses they made trim for the outdoors and so on.

And so our contractor found this guy and the guy rummaged through and said “I’ve got the cutting tools”. He was able to duplicate the boards exactly. See these are 16-inch baseboards and all the molding around the doors that had to be replaced and even molding on the outside of the house they were able to cut and fit exactly the way it was. It was quite amazing actually.


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