Dave Moczulski

Corner of South Street and Colborne Street


My name is Dave Moczulski and I’m standing at the corner of South and Colborne Street where I actually lived on Colborne Street, second house from the corner which isn’t there anymore. Now it’s a parking lot. But I can remember as a kid, living in or situated in our living room on a Sunday morning, the Salvation Army band used to pull up with its horns, its tubas and we could hear the sound of the band. The band used to set up outside the War Memorial Children’s Hospital across the road and they would play songs for whether it be thirty minutes or forty minutes, but they would play those songs and we would hear them frequently right into our living room on Colborne Street. Never seen the kids, but they would be at the windows. Even if they weren’t, they could be heard inside the hospital if I could hear them all the way back here at my place which is way across the road, then they would easily be heard from inside that hospital, and they were standing on the front lawn of that hospital at the time. It was just a nice memorable sound that we had when we were young. It was just the sound of those horns on a Sunday morning in the neighbourhood.