Catherine Cave

220 St. George Street

Six women in their seventies hike the Bruce Trail. Their journey began with a meeting in Catherine Cave’s living room at 220 St. George Street. A champagne celebration on the trail proves problematic when they realize they still have a hill to climb afterwards.


The following story is narrated by Catherine Cave of 220 St. George Street.


We called ourselves Loose on the Bruce: Six phenomenal women dedicated to a dream to hike the Bruce Trail. And we did it over two years on weekends between March and October. We didn’t hike November, December, January, February.

And I was the hike leader, and I had to take pictures and account where we stayed, how far we hiked, and everything. Tanya’s job was to collect a toonie from us every day we hiked. So we were able to give about 300 dollars to the Bruce Trail afterwards.

And then we’d go on a Saturday morning and hike Saturday—mid-morning we’d get there—we’d hike till four or five. We tried—our goal was—to hike at least 16Ks or 10 miles a day. We would meet where we wanted to finish, we’d put on our hiking boots and everything, get into one of the cars and drive back to where we finished the last time.

When we finished the Niagara end-to-end, I got these plastic champagne glasses, and I had a bottle of champagne, and we pulled the cork and had it right there on the trail, and then we didn’t realize that we had a huge hill to climb up to continue on, and we were all just kind of staggering. We never did the champagne thing again.

It doesn’t have to be young people that hike the Bruce Trail, you can do it in your own time, and in your own step-by-step. Just see what we’ve done, and you can do it too!


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