Michelle Quintyn

Goodwill Industries, 255 Horton Street


Hello, my name is Michelle Quintyn and I’m the president and CEO of Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes. Today we’re in the Goodwill Industries lobby, looking out through the glass at SoHo, which is the surrounding community.

So, I came to Goodwill about fourteen years ago. I had a passion for community development. So, we worked with the City of London and the community, lots of community input, in 2007 and 2008 to create a vision and that vision was going to be a mixed use, or a multi-purpose sort of campus. There’s definitely a highlight when we cut the ribbon and opened this building and got it finished. So, when we were finally standing here with a room and that lobby full and a stage and we had a choir singing up atop this balcony here, looking down upon us where we are right now. People like Deb Matthews and some of the champions who made this possible were all in that room—it was definitely the highlight from my perspective. And just that first couple of days in this building where you’re just like: “it worked, it’s working, look at it – it just is working.”