Barry Hill

723-727 Richmond Street

As well as acting as a pharmacy, the Standard Drugstore at 723 Richmond Street sold cameras. Barry Hill got his first camera there for passing from grade one into grade two, sparking Barry’s lifelong love of photography. This led to a career working in Stan C. Reade Photo at 727 Richmond Street, in the very same building, two doors from the old Standard Drug store.


Barry Hill describes purchasing his first camera as a child from the Standard Drugstore, which was located across the street from where you are standing, on the northwest corner of Piccadilly and Richmond. Later, two doors to the north, Stan C. Reade opened a photo shop, where Barry Hill spent his working life retailing cameras and good cheer.


It was a place called Land of Wire. They sold cameras. Land of Wire, I used to buy ViewMaster reels for 50 cents apiece. That was retail price for them. Probably worth a little more now. The building on the corner of Richmond and Piccadilly was a Standard Drugstore. Well, I got my first camera there, when I passed Grade 1 into Grade 2. A Kodak Baby Brownie. I think they were 79 cents.


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